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MUTTER solutions is a leading manufacturer of specialised blades and cutting edges for snow ploughs, which are produced through vulcanization.

Metal components of high quality are produced in our factory within our specialist field for milling, lathing and welding. All components are made of high quality steel, synthetic material, rubber and further material. Also sales and distribution of all our products take place by MUTTER solutions, to secure a hitch-free procudure as well as fair market prices.

We are machining over 900 tons of material per year, manufacturing wearing parts for our customer of winter maintenance services. Our core products are combination blades, a combination made of steel, rubber and ceramics.

By using our blades, our customers save time and money, since they minimize their effort of replacing old blades. Moreover running costs are minimized, since our combination blades reduce fuel consumption and improve sliding qualities. Our product range is completed by steel blades, rubber blades, rubber-ceramic blades and polyurethane (PU) blades to fit all individual demands, our customers ask for. As our manufacturing facitilies are working reliable and successfull since several years, MUTTER solutions decided to extend the product portfolio.

Since 2013, MUTTER offers solutions in milling, drilling and lathing - still setting high quality as highest priority.




As a result of years and years of experience with municipal wearing and replacement parts, we are familiar with a variety of snow ploughs. It is our ambition, to serve every customer with its ideal blade, to decrease problems of snow shoveling and to improve your efficiency.

MUTTER solutions therefore offers a variety of different blades for every ground surfaces, including steel blades, combination blades, polyurethane-blades, rubber blades and blades with ceramics inserted - always fitting your needs and wishes.




It is our demand, to improve winter services and to make streets more safe.

Winter services are a tough challenge. Snow plough blades are having effects on the drivers and machines. Furthermore, snow plough blades are the only contact your plough is having to the street. They are susceptible to all weathers, surfaces and a maximum load. Reasons enough to rely on high quality material and workmanship.



Feel free to contact us! Don´t hesitate, our service team is looking forward to answer all of your questions.

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